“Kapag Tumibok Ang Puso” (When the Heart Beats)

Program: Cheche Lazaro Presents (Episode 24)
Presented by: Unlimited Productions, Inc. and ABS-CBN News and Current Affairs
Aired on: June 22, 2014 (ABS-CBN Sunday’s Best)

VIDEO LINK: http://www.probetv.com/2014/07/clp-24-kapag-tumibok-ang-puso/

June is traditionally known as the wedding month, but times have changed. Records today show that most Filipinos tie the knot, perhaps more appropriately, in February, which has always been celebrated as the love month.

As old as mankind, as legendary as the Holy Grail, and as complex as the origin of the universe, love is the one emotion that almost always defies logic and pushes people to the extreme. Why do women fall for womanizers? Why do husbands go astray? Why do people fall in love and kill for love?

Questions about love, falling in and out of love, are endless, much like its very definition.

In keeping with tradition, Cheche Lazaro Presents unravels this June the mystery of love through its ultimate manifestation — marriage.

Broadcast journalist Cheche Lazaro takes a deeper look into the happy-ever-after promise – or goal — of marriage and the very complexity of love as a science. Sharing their own experiences are celebrity couples Christian and Winnie Monsod, who have been together for 53 years, and newlyweds Boots Anson Roa and Francisco “King” Rodrigo, who are at it a second time.

Psychiatrist Ma. Luz Querubin, anthropologist Jonathan Taduran, and human sexuality expert and psychologist Agnes Bueno discuss the science and explain why the heart is the wrong symbolism for love. They redefine the common perceptions of love and explain how chemical processes in the brain – and our sense of smell — can lead to falling in love.
Love advice expert Papa Jack and marriage councilor Pastor Herald Cruz provide the healthy boost on the intricacies of marriage and love.

This two-hour documentary special is a testimony of timeless, endless love bound by the sacrament of marriage. It is a road map to a bumpy and challenging but worth-keeping relationships as well.

Kapag Tumibok Ang Puso is not for the loveless to seek love or for those who are in love to veer away from it. It is for those who see, feel and know how it is to love, those who are willing to love and be loved.

Fall and stay in love this June.


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