Galing Pook Episode 12: Paranaque City

Program: Galing Pook Episode 12: Paranaque City, Metro Manila
Presented by: Unlimited Productions, Inc., Development Bank of the Philippines and Galing Pook Foundation
Aired on: October 8, 10 and 13, 2013 (ABS-CBN News Channel)



In tonight’s episode of Galing Pook, we feature Parañaque City’s program that focuses on the needs of the youth.

Tonight’s episode focuses on the Adolescent Friendly Reproductive Health Services, through which the City was able to address alarming cases of teenage pregnancy, substance abuse, unprotected sex, and other behaviors and practices detrimental to the well-being of the young people of Parañaque.

Learn about the strategy used by the City in implementing this program, and watch how this program changed the lives of the youth, and brought to life the belief that the youth is the hope of the nation.

Galing Pook: Simple lang ‘yan! Kaya mo ‘yan!


PART 1/3


PART 2/3


PART 3/3


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