Galing Pook Episode 6: Upi

Program: Galing Pook Episode 6: Municipality of Upi, Maguindanao
Presented by: Unlimited Productions, Inc., Development Bank of the Philippines and Galing Pook Foundation
Aired on: August 27, 29 and September 1, 2013 (ABS-CBN News Channel)



In the sixth episode of Galing Pook, join Dok Eddie as he visits Upi, a municipality in Maguindanao.

Learn how people of different cultures—Christians, Muslims, and Tedurays—in this municipality are able to live together harmoniously, and peacefully resolve conflicts that arise between them.

Find out how the local government pushed education reforms that led to significant improvement in the performance of students. And lastly, know how the local government opened the doors of the municipality bringing in opportunities for development.

Galing Pook: Simple lang ‘yan! Kaya mo ‘yan!


PART 1/3

PART 2/3

PART 3/3


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