Loi Almeron is a Journalism Graduate Student from University of California – Berkeley.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree, Major in Communication Arts, from De La Salle University (Manila, Philippines). She gained her first two years of professional work experience doing television documentaries and institutional videos from Unlimited Productions, an independent media production company and subsidiary of award-winning company Probe Productions based in the Philippines. She was trained in research, field production, writing and video editing. Her work experience has deepened her interest in documenting local government affairs and socially relevant topics.

Loi is currently a reporter for Richmond Confidential and Oakland North, both online news services produced by the Graduate School of Journalism at University of California – Berkeley for, and about, the people of Richmond and Oakland, California. She is also a Graduate Student Instructor in Media Studies Department at UC Berkeley, where she leads Visual Communication course discussion sections to upper division undergraduate students.

She constantly believes in the capability of media to inspire with credibility and accountability. She is optimistic to take part in anchoring the acumen of journalism with the service that it should provide.


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